MGX Race

New website being constructed for Racesow 1.5.

Website contains the latest race statistics for 1.5 and a snapshot of 1.0 statistics (taken at 17-02-2015).

Update 22-07-2015: weapondefs have been finalized to 1.0-like settings and all maps with rockets have had their times removed.


Currently we have the following servers:

Other servers running the racesow mod or having MGX in its name are not up to date and at do not submit stats to this website.


Bugreports and suggestions can be posted here.

Planned features:

Last 10 records

Map Player Time Type Date
wespitmaps-hello_copac /inc.coRe/ 15.204 Silver 32 months ago
bdfcomp050-8 HelghastFury 2:09.784 Bronze 33 months ago
wespitmaps-hello_copac o_O Shynx 15.342 Bronze 33 months ago
finally_escaped ZockOPA 32.448 Silver 33 months ago
tobo-race11 ZockOPA 44.926 Bronze 33 months ago
tobo-race8 ZockOPA 2:46.557 Gold 33 months ago
tobo-race7 ZockOPA 34.912 Gold 33 months ago
tobo-race4 ZockOPA 2:30.829 Gold 33 months ago
tobo-race2 ZockOPA 6:51.615 Silver 33 months ago
tobo-race1 ZockOPA 21.432 Gold 33 months ago